Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Reassure?
Reassure is comprised of biochemists, nutritionists, researchers, and senior leaders with extensive knowledge of the laboratory industry. We believe in the benefits of cannabis and with our medical/clinical laboratory background, we recognize the importance of providing safe and effective products to patients in need of medicine and proper dosing. Our years of laboratory experience allow us to deliver the most reliable test results in the cannabis industry. It is our mission is to educate growers, processors, and consumers on the science of cannabis, primarily the effects various chemical compositions have on the body.

Where are you located?
Reassure provides testing services throughout the state of Michigan. We are located at:
26692 Groesbeck, Warren, MI 48089

Does Reassure sell cannabis products?
Reassure is an analytical testing laboratory. Reassure does not cultivate, produce, process, distribute or sell cannabis or cannabis products.

What is the average Turn Around Time for results?
We provide results within 5 business days.

How much does testing cost?
Reassure offers competitive pricing options depending on the volume and type of samples being analyzed. Please contact us for your appropriate pricing information.

How do I start testing with Reassure?
Use the contact us page and a member of the Reassure team will help you get started!
Use the contact us page or email us at and a member of the Reassure team will reach out with the details to get your account set up in our customer portal (Tagleaf). Here you will be able to order testing, view COAs and make payments.

What are the differences between compliance and R&D testing?
Reassure offers all tests in either a regulatory compliant test panel, or as single tests via our R&D testing program. All testing results are reported to the CRA through METRC.


  • Intended to meet the testing requirements for cannabis or cannabis products as required by the CRA
  • Can only be purchased as a panel of tests
  • All results are reported to the CRA and trace system, Metrc, where they may be used to validate or disqualify batches as eligible for market
  • Require cannabis sampling and transportation to be performed by Reassure laboratory personnel


  • Limited to internal use by cultivators, manufacturers, or patients to improve their products and processes
  • Utilizes smaller sample size
  • Include the same tests used for regulatory compliance testing, but can be purchased independently
  • Does not require Reassure to perform the sampling

What are the guidelines for using the Reassure “Tested” Logo and QR code on my Product?
Customers who want to use “Reassure Tested” logo on the packaging of their products must perform and pass full regulatory compliant testing for each batch of products that is bearing the logo. There are no exceptions. Use of the “Reassure Tested” logo or QR code without express written permission from Reassure is strictly prohibited. Reassure makes every effort to ensure that clients whose products bear the “Reassure Tested” logo and QR code adhere to our rules and protocols for use on their products but hold no warranties or guarantees on any product bearing our logo nor any representations by the manufacturer thereof. It is also recommended that consumers of cannabis products always request a Certificate of Analysis from the manufacturer, distributor, or retailer to ensure that the product has been tested for safety.

What kinds of analytical testing does Reassure offer?
Reassure offers cannabis testing that satisfies Michigan regulatory requirements for cannabis and cannabis products safety testing.

Will my products pass your testing standards?
Failure rates are minimal. We strongly recommend that testing be carried out early and often when attempting new methods of growing or processing. For example, growers trying new soils, new nutritional applications, and/or new pesticide regimes should test plant materials before flowering. Similarly, processors implementing new extraction/concentration methods should send samples collected at various stages during the process.

I just submitted my first samples to Reassure. Now what?
Testing will be completed within 5 days from the date of sample pick-up. Once testing is completed and payment has been collected, you will receive an email from us letting you know that the COA is ready for view in our customer portal.

How can I use labels on my packaging?
We encourage our clients to take advantage of our QR code labels by placing them on their product. This allows consumers to see the name/strain of your product, date tested, as well as percentages for total cannabinoids and terpenes. Simply place one of these labels on the outside of your packaging for each product you are selling.

How do I get help interpreting my results?
Reassure is happy to help you understand your test results. Feel free to contact our lab and a member of our team will help explain the results.

What do LOD and LOQ mean? How are they different?
In general, the LOD (Limit of Detection) is taken as the lowest concentration of an analyte in a sample that can be detected, but not necessarily quantified. To supplement this, the LOQ (Limit of Quantification) is found as well. The LOQ is defined as the lowest concentration of an analyte within a sample that can be determined with acceptable precision and accuracy under the stated conditions of the test.

How much of the product is required for testing?
Per Rule 12(7) in the Marihuana Operations Rule Set R 420.212(7) requires laboratories to develop a statistically valid sampling method to collect a representative sample from each batch. The laboratory shall collect a sample size that is sufficient to complete all required analyses and is not less than 0.5% of the weight of the harvest batch.