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Hop Latent Viroid in Cannabis

Hop latent viroid (HLVd) is single-stranded, circular infectious RNA that is completely dependent on its host plant’s metabolism for replication. As the name suggests, HLVd occurs worldwide in hops, but it also infects cannabis.
Early detection of cannabis viruses can increase yield by up to 30% HLVd won’t kill the plant or even cause obvious symptoms of infection (i.e., curling or yellowing leaves); however, plants will show subtle symptoms that are often referred to as “dudding”. During the vegetative stage, HLVd-infected plants grow shorter with smaller leaves and tighter node spacing. Flowering plants infected with HLVd have smaller, looser buds with much fewer trichomes. One client estimated that cannabis plants infected with HLVd had half the cannabinoid content of healthy plants and overall yield was reduced 30%.
Test for Hop Latent Viroid with Reassure
Reassure is using a specialty qPCR assay that can be used to screen cannabis plants for HLVd, along with two other common virus infections: Lettuce Chlorosis Virus (LCV), , and Cannabis Cryptic Virus (CCV) from as little as three leaves off the plant. If you’re interested in cannabis virus testing and need Reassurance your plants are growing optimally, contact us today